Made In Italy is a cookbook and biography by leading Italian chef Giorgio Locatelli, whose restaurant ‘Locanda Locatelli’ gained a Michelin star in its first year.

Our brief was to create a book with longevity and to introduce Locatelli as serious about food, charismatic and authentic.

Made In Italy distinguishes itself in an overcrowded market by confident use of non-food photography. For example the book is bracketed by two photographic essays totalling 16 pages of portraiture.

At 624 pages and weighing almost 3kg this is our largest book to date, and has a series of unusual features designed to add pace and complexity.

For example there are two cuts of the same font, Bodoni. One was used for its elegance as a text face; the second, somewhat starker cut was used in the ingredients list for legibility.

Another example is that indents which signify the end of the recipe introduction, and the beginning of the method are mirrored on opposing pages.

‘Quite simply the perfect book’
Gordon Ramsay, The Times

‘Nothing short of a masterpiece’
Nigel Slater, The Observer

Glenfiddich Food Book of the Year 2007

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2006
Best Italian Cuisine Book

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2008
Best Italian Cuisine Book Published Outside Italy in the Past 12 Years